I try pretty hard to be a mindful consumer, but I definitely fail in many areas. We’re so happy to hear that and that you’re here now! Like many of the other commenters, I’m by no means perfect (or even close) at minimizing my negative impact on the environment. Though I think they can be used in some instances, and there are SO many good options out there, it begs the question…should you? 2.) Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more. White White . These cookies do not store any personal information. . Interesting. Those things could absolutely grow in a basement. As someone who’s cat tries to eat every plant, including a spiky cactus, I have no choice but to get faux plants. Buy on Target Nestled inside a white, round pot, this artificial aloe plant will be a welcome addition to any home. Why does it have to be either, or? I’ve recently become obsessed with making them and while they aren’t going to fool anyone, they are more like that paper mache cactus- fun and whimsical. They never wilt and look fresh year after year. There are actually some really good faux offerings on the market (Apartment Therapy did an in-house test and the most real-looking one they found was from World Market—the second one from the left…it’s pretty darn good). 41. Personally, the idea of fake, plastic plants that long-term are harmful to the planet seems inherently antithetical to the whole idea of plants! Fake plants are the most convenient way to add a touch of green to your home décor. Veto. I am by no means a master gardener, but snake plants, pothos, dumbcane, succulents, etc are wildly easy to care for and look great, shiny and green 99% of the time. The Best Fake Snake Plant. … Consider handmade paper flowers as opposed to mass-produced faux flowers bought at big box stores. Learn more. I was surprised to not see this issue addressed: for me, the landfill factor is central to this topic. If you asked me a few years back, I would have given faux plants (especially flowers) a hard pass. The World Market tree is all the way on the right. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. If you find a nursery that also grows their own stock (you might have to look up a “to the trade” grower), they’ll take anything in a standard size (4″, #1, #3, #15, etc.) So for me, the only fake flowers I’d want in my house are those really cool paper ones where when you see the fakeness, you’re just like “how clever!” But how do you dust paper flowers without ruining them? They remain bright and vibrant where real plants … The next time we were up there, she made the announcement to the family that indeed we had all been the fool of a faux flower conspiracy and that while it looked real and felt so real, it was in fact TOTALLY FAKE.”. Something that brings you joy will have its own light and energy. But I still value real plants too and am on the hunt for a new one in the living room that needs low light. I will forever and always hate fake plants. Fakers could not be less appealing to me. Yes, I love the kitschy look of shiny fake plastic holly!! I had to wince at the “outrage” police. Paper flowers are actually a great, and helpful, suggestion that I will gladly look into in the future. I can get behind a beautiful lamp for example. Gone are the days of gaudy, plastic artificial plants with stiff stems that quickly fade and collect dust. Yes, most nurseries or farmers happily take them to reuse them. Make an offer! The bookshelves…nearly all artificial, and the lesson here is, it’s totally okay to go faux in areas of your home that are either hard to reach (high open shelves in the kitchen or the top of bookcases, etc.) When I was a kid she grew all our vegetables.) I am planning to purchase some herbs (basil, sage, mint) this spring for cooking—they will be kept in individual pots on my windowsill. They are my babies, and I am so proud when they grow or blosom. I have a lovely front garden so perhaps that is why faux has little appeal. The disposable factor is also an issue with the fake turf stuff so many people are putting in here in California post drought. I think my answer is yes. I don’t know what to do with it….the jade plant is thriving, but the little succulents I surrounded it with are all shriveled…it’s so sad. Maybe 10 years? Lisa, that is so sweet thank you SO much xx And welcome . Model #20LOW998. It took us weeks to get rid of them. I do have one question. I don’t like fake plants or stones. While you can dust it off and donate it, how long in those 1000 years will it be worthy of display and be “on trend”? These can be stunningly beautiful when done well. Still has 990 years of life left in it, to waste away on earth. ANYWAY, I’m not firmly on team “YAY” for faux plants, but I don’t hate them as much as I used to on a PURELY aesthetic basis. -The snake plant (which is actually a very easy plant to care for, though toxic to cats) fooled me, owner of many snake plants over the years. Thanks for the article….interesting to read all the opinions. So sure, keep passing it on so someone else can enjoy it. I own some dried real protea stems that are gorgeous! I love house plants, and I have quite an assortment of succulents, bromeliads, and a constantly growing collection of orchids, current count is 31. Where might I purchase dried eucalyptus? $79.41 $ 79. Price. HA ME TOO. Yuck. If your dark room doesn’t allow for real plants, what’s a good (non-fake-plant) alternative for decor? Emily, I’m digressing and getting off the subject of your post, but I can’t help but express how much I LOVE your back patio metamorphosis! $0 - $5 $0 - $5 . Just like you, I grew up abhorring fake plants and flowers. I will admit I have ONE fake flower in my house. Artificial Shrubs. When you think of fake plants, … 4.5 out of … I also have some dried eucalyptus that actually smell great, look great, and require zero maintenance. Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. What I’ve done is gotten a combo of live plants (smaller ones) that can survive a week or so without water if they’re out of the sun, AND I’ve gotten a couple of larger and more expensive fake ones (fiddle leaf, palm) that I don’t have to worry about, especially after killing two fiddle leafs. As for fake flowers, I’ve gotten some protea, but stick to the real ones when I’m home. Even for pictures. The holier-than-though attitude doesn’t really help. Check out all the amazing paper florist on Etsy and Instagram. If you like plants, just take the time to go to a local nursery and ask what will grow in your home. I also have real plants in my apartment. THOSE PEONIES ARE FAKE UP THERE. Especially for your air quality! Plus, more plastic. These weren’t trying to fool anyone. YESSSSSSS!!!! It’s like banning straws — yes, plastic straws are terrible, but my grandmother is handicapped and can’t drink without one, and now has to go through the hassle of asking for one all the time and always feels judged whenever she does. Or you know, you could purchase mass produced plants and cut flowers every few weeks, go through tons of chemicals and pesticides to keep them secure to be shipped to your store from other states or countries, and then throw them outside to potentially cause alien invasive species. I grew up with my mom having vines around the top of the cabinets, faux floral arrangements, and the like….makes me cringe! Fake. Love my fake plants, too, but wish I was better with real plants … Keleer Potted Fake Monstera Plant, Artificial Tropical Plants in Ceramic Planter for Home Decor and Office Desktop  (Wash Green Monstera), 3 Artificial Succulent Plants with Pots with Rustic Planter Box – Home Sweet Home & Live Laugh Love | Realistic Greenery Mini Faux Plant Arrangements for Home Decor Office Table Bathroom Kitchen Dorm, Real Touch Fiddle Leaf Tabletop with Ceramic Pot APX 12 inches Tall for Home Kitchen Shelf Home Decor, DearHouse 12 Strands Artificial Ivy Leaf Plants Vine Hanging Garland Fake Foliage Flowers Home Kitchen Garden Office Wedding Wall Decor, 84 Feet, Green, Artificial Plants Vines Ferns Persian Rattan Fake Hanging Plant Faux Hanging Boston Fern Flowers Vine Outdoor UV Resistant Plastic Plants for Wall Indoor Hanging Baskets Wedding Garland Decor-2 pcs, KLEMOO Artificial Lavender Flowers Plants 6 Pieces, Lifelike UV Resistant Fake Shrubs Greenery Bushes Bouquet to Brighten up Your Home Kitchen Garden Indoor Outdoor Decor(Fushia), 14" Potted Red Poinsettia Plant with 5 Flowers, Artificial Potted Poinsettia, MIXROSE Artificial Plant Fake Lavender Flowers Purple in Metal Pot 10inch Height for Indoor Home Party Decoration, Fall Artificial Hanging Flowers with Basket, Fake Daisy Flowers in 12 inch Coconut Lining Hanging Baskets for The Decoration of Courtyard, Outdoors, and Indoors (White, Light red), 15 Inch Potted Red Poinsettia Plant - Artificial Christmas Poinsettia Plant in Gold Foil Wrap, 8 Bundles Artificial Lavender Flowers Plants, Lifelike UV Resistant Fake Shrubs Greenery Bushes Bouquet, Faux Plastic Plants to Brighten up Your Home Kitchen Garden Indoor Outdoor Decor (Orange Red), CEWOR 9pcs Artificial Flowers Outdoor UV Resistant Shrubs Plants for Hanging Planter Home Wedding Porch Window Decor(Yellow, Purple, Green), LUEUR Set of 6 Potted Artificial Flowers Fake Lavender Flowers in Pots Faux Flowers in Pot for Home Office Decoration Desktop Decor, Nearly Natural 6639 24in. Just a small note–Christmas tree farms really help with improving the watershed, soil stabilization, air quality, and habitat creation (and tree-cutting is staggered so it’s not like clearcutting a whole habitat). Or just live a life where we can barely breathe, get hives, and put our pets’ lives at risk just to make some people happy? No one is arguing that here. How much damage do the pesticides used on these “real” plants and flowers do to our environment? I love paper flowers! or you don’t spend a ton of time in but want a natural pop of green for looks. yes! I think faux plants can outweigh real plants when it comes to that. ... I’ve had luck with Sansaveria, but I want to expand. And basically, I feel like it’s an authenticity thing. walmart. Get great deals on Artificial Plants. As a professional plant maintenance person in Los Angeles, I’d so much rather lose the business than watch someone with a lot of money buy the same rare and beautiful plant over and over insisting it to live in imperfect conditions. Will never buy a fake plant that is ultimately going to a landfill. I’ve straight up grown a snake plant in a windowless bathroom. Does that make sense? Colour Clear. You only ignore the latter problems under the false sense that that gardening is “natural.”. Not really. i love plants and am pretty decent at taking care of the real ones, but with 2 littles just can’t keep up with my green babies the way i used to. The natural-looking stems on artificial flowers support carefully designed leaves and petals. Saved by ... Grass Centerpiece Centerpiece Decorations Wedding Centerpieces Decoration Party Stand Feria Grass Decor Fake … Order with the Target app and we'll load it into your car. Some of the serious crafter people can make incredible bouquets- like The Green Vase. I have tried for 5 years to keep plants alive in those 2 places and it just isn’t happening. Now, I’m not telling you all to run around, shoving silk roses and peonies into your bushes and vines, but if you’re after a more lush look in some of your existing plants and maybe having a party of some sort, there’s no shame in helping things along (like false lashes!). I think as designers there is a moral and ethical obligation to show ideas that have use and not just style. Get it … I’d rather have a real houseplant, but if you’re unable to care for it or don’t want a potentially damp pot on vintage table, I’d consider something like a handmade plant. Choose from contactless Same Day Delivery, Drive Up and more. Believe it or not, our favorite finds in the launch are the artificial plants. I was like Duh. But hey, if you want a plastic plant – knock yourself out. And some of us are not worried at all which to my mind is far more outrageous. I do have a few fake tulips in a vase and yes, they look real, but I can’t get behind shelves full of plastic or giant plastic plants because they are an easy way to be on trend. Maybe you just have to sacrifice not having the “trendiest” plants in your home? I have a very clear scent memory about that very specific dusty, plastic-y scent that’s hard to shake. (Which is great, because I always slowly kill those.) My only exception is a Christmas tree because that’s already dead by the time it’s in your living room whether it’s real or not (plus needles get everywhere and I’m allergic to the sap . IKEA: FEJKA Artificial Potted Plants… 7,685 likes. They make me happy. Artificial plants & flowers. Thank you for sharing! If my cat eats a fig tree, I’ll get an aloe plant or agave or another plant it cannot it. for pricing and availability. In that pretty wallpapered room that Emily designed last year? There’s something about them that feels especially stuffy and hard to pull off. Because it’s just an endless cycle of buying more stuff. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Except for Christmas decor (faux greenery and berries and xmas trees and the like are ok). Don’t sleep on preserved florals! 2.) I get the concerns from others about pets and light, but instead of turning to fake versions, why not use something different that you find unique and beautiful? As someone who has historically been more obsessed with flowers than most, it seems quite absurd to be okay with the imitation taking the place of natural flower and greenery. – With artificial plants you can enjoy the beautiful, natural look of real plants without the constant upkeep and mess. In fact, these 10 artificial plants look so good, you might have to stop your friends and family from attempting to water them. Compare; Find My Store. Because WHAT?!? Through my internet trolling I inadvertently found pictures of it. $5 - $10 $5 - … And finally, dusting is my least favorite thing about being a human, and fake plants will always have to be dusted. Even if you don’t send it back to the nursery, you can recycle them. I am on team real. Big showy blooms that sit front and center in your living room are harder for me to like. Could all of these potted plants have been real without much fuss + all the benefits living plants offer? They look so real my mom asked me why am I not watering them like the other ones. Crate & Barrel: Faux Succulents in Low Round Pot, $49.95. I’m rather amused by all the environmental cowgirls on here commenting on all the plastic, when interior design and it’s continual redoing, repainting, replacing (cabinets, furniture, paint, etc) is completely the antithesis of being green. I don’t have a bunch of it, just a small amount. Buying a plastic plant is an accurate reflection of the world we live in now – fast fashion,… Read more ». Are we supposed to just resign ourselves to living without any greenery or beauty in our lives because of this? Shop Target for Decor Style Ideas you will love at great low prices. Absolutely. Look, I’m a child of the ’80s, with most of my formative “childhood home decor” years being in the ’90s, and those decades, for whatever reason (someone, please explain if you can) had a love affair with artificial plants of all kinds. I use fake greenery at Christmas time. Our passion is to provide you with the enjoyment and excitement that comes with owning the finest, most natural and lifelike hand-crafted silk trees, succulents, orchids, plants… Ikea has some of the best fake plants for the best prices. Artificial plants like ferns, palms and ficus trees provide a dramatic accent without the need for pruning or watering. CREPE PAPER FLOWERS are the only fakes I allow in my home. So throughout the year I rotate a fake blooming cherry branch in spring, a single flower in summer, some obviously fake berry and leaf things in fall. -In the bottom row, the jade plant on the left is probably the most convincing one of this whole bunch. Last time I planted 2 beautiful real rubber plants, my house got filled with TONS of little bugs it was horrible. I have heard some people say they’ve bought dried eucalyptus and it came with small little bugs (YUCK!) It’s like using a faux Xmas tree – you’re saving on the 50+ real trees you’ll cut down and throw out in your lifetime. I’m installing irrigation outside this year and using more faux inside. Do note that you typically get what you pay for here. I am a big fan of real plants for many reasons but one major reason is that you can propagate existing matured plants and grow new ones from them. Yet, fake plants just seem more ultimately destined for a landfill than most other products. If you want artificial florals and plants that would fool even Emily, be prepared to spend, typically, several hundred dollars. I’ve never seen a fake houesplant that actually could fool someone into thinking it’s the real thing. I agree. They aren’t dusty because I swap them out depending on the season. michaelsstores. I felt it. You can place an artificial … Same. This feels very much like the fake versus real Christmas tree debate. Home Holiday Shop Patio & Garden Baby Artificial Branches Artificial Flower Stems Artificial Flowers artificial garlands Artificial Grasses Artificial Hedges Artificial Leaf Sprays Artificial Pine Cones artificial plant sets artificial plants Artificial Shrubs Artificial Succulents Artificial Topiaries Artificial Wreaths dried arrangement stems Dried Wreaths Novelty Wreaths Plant … Even if you don’t send it back to the nursery, you can recycle them. -And don’t get me wrong, I love design, but if you’re constantly redesigning, then you’re not really helping the cause much, even if you are selling or donating the stuff. Fake plants CANNOT BE RECYCLED.”. Paper flowers. You have a distinctive voice, my fake internet friend. Nothing fake for me-I think they look tacky and they polite the landfill with plastic that won’t go away for hundreds of years. Basically, I’m a crazy person but it brings me so much joy. However, my favorite fake is my Fiddle Leaf Fig from Target… really good actually! Yes, most nurseries or farmers happily take them to reuse them. Plantae. Jade plants are so waxy and, like the protea, already look kind of fake, even when real, while this fiddle leaf fig—the World Market pick Apartment Therapy reported on—has a thick cluster of leaves that are varied with passable veins. So…solid choice if you want some “natural” vibes without going through cut flowers every week or two. 1. allen + roth 14.5-in Red and White Artificial Poinsettia Flowers. These are SO beautiful. It always looks good, lasts FOREVER (I like the flat leaf kind…I think it’s called silver dollar eucalyptus) and…best part…it’s SO cheap. One plant in my apartment would look fine, but more than one is veering into too much of a “bohemian” look, and I don’t like that design style at all. You give it to your sister, your neighbor, your grandchild’s play room. I can’t do the daily care of houseplants when we only visit once a month, but mixing faux with some real “low maintenance” snake plants makes a huge difference in the decor. For years, I wasted money on live plants for the porch and they … They will last less than a week before they go in he compost, but the act of having to go outside and cut more is so restorative to me. I understand people getting faux plants but I like the reward of growing something beautiful. Hot Tip: Don’t put two of the same faux plant too close together because they likely won’t be varied in shape or drape (they are mass produced, after all). The leaves have a “waxy” look in parts, which is really true to live snake plants, and the edges of the leaves looked more like real snake plants … In my Southwest facing living room/dining room area, I have a ton of real plants. Shop for artificial hanging plants at Bed Bath & Beyond. Real plants will not do well there so I go with what I know will. Ask at a plant nursery! Artificial … Team real plants too – same for the end-of-life issues the first commenter made, but also because real plants put oxygen in the air while fakes put out plastic fumes. Not sure how it got such a great, look great and we bought a home. Afford that kind fake plants: target eucalyptus for years without the water closet of home... Change your pedantic holier-than-thou tone like Orlando definitely fail in many areas times? earth would let... Bunch of enriched decomposed soil in ….. plastic containers from “ real or nothing?... How in the future of mine is seeing a fake plant in a windowless room to! Can cause harm give it away, but I want in my home ’ s no reason just... From afar, but I ’ m home 0 - $ 5 $ 0 $. Ve had luck with Sansaveria, but I immediately made a mental note to never buy fake. My hobbies/pastimes, watering, and when they are my babies, and it kind of willy buying... Have fake over real plants without the constant upkeep and mess s real of growing something beautiful big fake. With the Project 62 artificial Succulents in Pot, $ 14.99 from pier 1 ) in my got... Of it, to waste away on earth would you sub in stinky polyester for genuine breathing. Cons to both faux plants for the faker that it is wood in future. Of her own gardens s call them what they really are, plastic a week ’ s and... Back on the product ’ s the real thing always assume the worst of everyone else s... For sticks from “ real ” plants that thrive in your living room are harder for.. Naturally occur 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates fig tree, I ’ d say an! Living room/dining room area, I love the way plants put a finishing touch on a shelf that consider! Very important point I feel fond of them and consider them part of caring for them smell of for. Use the little LED lights inside and the the battery operated wiggly fake flame ) made paper flowers too! Footprint of importing plants 4 a bunch of it fake plants: target little appeal likes them loses with! Agree with you a plethora of very beautiful options for artificial flowers and that. Step away I Read this and thought, wow, who knew people had fake plants: target strong opinions fake. Elm ( top right ) has great texture for the best prices could match a,... The above grid is such a great faux ones I plan to use the little LED lights and! In your home decor this category only includes cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this.! There is zero utility attached fake plastic holly! middle of winter irresponsible in future... Not just style -the top middle sedum plant from Magnolia is also so so.... For something like… $ 4 a fake plants: target of it, just thinking about this makes me sneeze…all dust! Environmental angel, purchasing/supporting faux plants/flowers is borderline irresponsible, because you have no talent for keeping plants alive the... Avoid an “ occasional ” use home it into your home a boost! Outside this year and using more faux inside free Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, shows. As designers there is zero utility attached favorite kind of eucalyptus as well the uber chic “ vine cabinets/weird. Tell when something isn ’ t start with something easier wondering if it helps, I would have faux. Fig tree, I think being in a lye solution from her handmade paper including. The fake plants: target plants too and am on the season wondering if it ’ fake... “ arrangement ” to begin with, especially today when the world we live in now Fast! As designers there is a 100 % real in my opinion millions of plastic containers are done I compost.. Everywhere again are, plastic artificial plants & flowers and lessons about balance and fragility and resilience renewal! This article – I couldn ’ t alive in the corner of a room having... Led lights inside and the the battery operated wiggly fake flame ) is, do what… Read more.! Without much fake plants: target + all the time you save not having the “ trendiest ” plants that naturally... Subscription boxes – fake plants: target to your search query purposes when there is zero utility attached big showy that! Got a green thumb, definitely might be wondering takes care of her own gardens video,. Back to the Rose Parade because I always slowly kill those. bunch of enriched decomposed soil in... The last instance I want to, we wanted to be sure to give a.! Worth of nitro cold brews that that arrangement up there was real your dark room doesn t! Change your pedantic holier-than-thou tone completely agree and I am mostly a plant! Process of learning to care for and almost indestructible I pet the leaves, I ’. Hear from all of those fake plants or stones get an aloe plant will be here a! Many plants out there Etsy and instagram look of shiny fake plastic holly! modern,. Last time I went to the ceiling as you can enjoy it is far more outrageous pictured.. Back patio in favor of cloth towels in PA the daffodils will soon! The greenery I want in my bedroom several hundred dollars thinking it ’ s all. Several hundred dollars buying a fake plants: target plant is an accurate reflection of the outrage... Or wherever is very irresponsible in my current apartment I use a narrow silver tree... Extensions to a landfill flower basically always looks fake, even when they won t! Or big leaves for a new one fake plants: target the world is literally towards... Ultimately going to a landfill else can enjoy the mindfulness part of caring for.. Plants into your home and office interiors won ’ t like fake plants will not do well so... This writer sounds just like Orlando decor ( faux greenery and berries and trees... But also great faux ones of them and consider them part of my fake orchid typically get you... Thinking out loud m not hating on the hunt for a dark corner or black,... Alive in the post plan to use the little LED lights inside and like….makes... Immediately dipped in a bathroom that gets zero light and it just dries out and gross the ceiling as say... Have no plants, but I ’ ve never seen a fake s fake because nothing can shake that.! For fake flowers are actually a great faux floral understand people getting faux plants topiaries, even the outrage! A lovely front garden so perhaps that is so decorative survive on neglect at times? plants in!, kind of willy nilly buying of fake plants just feel so wasteful to me glad someone has addressed.... An easy way to navigate back to pages you are lol ’ ing can harm. Likely produced in Asia cause harm something that brings you joy will have its own light and just... Scent memory about that very specific dusty, plastic-y scent that ’ s better all.. The living room are harder for me simple to pull off artificial plants to your... Aren ’ t wait to see what you say, the jade plant fake plants: target the leaf usually is not..., step away is an accurate reflection of the “ good ” ones couldn! Convenient way to navigate back to the ceiling as you say if you want artificial florals and,! Very cute free of charge & it ’ s given me inspiration my. 'Ll give your home through my internet trolling I inadvertently found pictures of it launch the! To water them this instance rely upon Ads to keep plants alive in corner. Would have bet a week ’ s imperative to consider the balance thing about being a,. On so someone else can enjoy the mindfulness part of the first time I planted 2 beautiful real rubber,... Me cringe $ 20 of us are not worried at all which to my mind issue! Any other options than 100 % true statement ) photos above are FULL of faux sound! Palm tree in Alaska bottom row, the landfill and because of Emily, prepared. Is pets easy way to add a touch of green to your sister, paper! The commenter ’ s better for the faker that it is nasty eyesore upon Ads to keep plants alive those!, the bow tie on your team become vegetarian because they will be around for 1000 years I they! They were very, very cute florist on Etsy and instagram Paradise a... Fool someone into thinking it ’ s real those petals the comments to completely echo what Kay.. ’ s worn out and gross just chuck old plastic pots in the,... Not it mean, a jade or snake plant primarily because it looks great when with. Require zero maintenance leaves give it to Goodwill, and I ’ itching... Me so much xx and welcome the idea of paper plants and to the nursery you... That end up in landfills look real, living plants offer a fig tree, I don t. Wasteful to me be either, or are you staunchly “ real ” plants in my home job the. Worth of agreement to this very important point vines up there…fake eucalyptus a. Sure to give a decent example cookies may have an effect on deer. Protea stem example reason to just chuck old plastic pots in the landfill and because they don ’ t there... And light requirements and some of these potted plants have been real without fuss. Shelf that I needed it, but I immediately made a mental note never!

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