[96] He asked Belgrano to help the Cabildo with the work, as his intervention would be seen by the crowd as a guarantee that their demands would not be ignored. [80] He asked for allegiance to King Ferdinand VII, but popular unrest continued to intensify. [76] After a short private discussion with Caspe, Cisneros reluctantly gave his consent. Find event and ticket information. [84] Rumors of police censorship spread quickly; Morante ignored the request and performed the play as planned. The cities of Rosario (Santa Fe), Junín (Buenos Aires) and Resistencia (Chaco) have eponymous squares. May. [158] This wore the patience of the few who were still in the plaza in the rain. [157] Meanwhile, the weather improved and the sun broke through the clouds. [84] Manuel Belgrano gave the following Monday as the deadline to confirm the open cabildo before taking direct action. 25 de Mayo: National Day. [212] Before the declaration of independence of 1816, the supreme directors considered other options, such as to negotiate with Spain or become a British protectorate. [114] His intention was to keep Cisneros in power by delaying any possible action. [149] Leiva and Lezica requested that someone who could act as spokesman for the people should join them inside the hall and explain the people's desires. [61] On May 25, 1809, the Chuquisaca Revolution deposed Ramón García de León y Pizarro as Governor of Chuquisaca and replaced him with Juan Antonio Alvarez de Arenales. Anniversary of the First Independent Government in Buenos Aires. [186] Most of the cities and provinces had distinctive populations, economies, attitudes, contexts, and interests. [93] They learned the result of the meeting with Cisneros, but were unsure as to whether Cisneros intended to keep his word. [108] The main themes of the debate were the legitimacy of the government and the authority of the Viceroy. The fact that Spain aided the colonies in their struggle against Britain weakened the idea that it would be a crime to end one's allegiance to the parent state. The following table lists the date and name for select national holidays in countries around the world. The following are the national public holidays and other observances of Argentina. One of the speakers for the first position was the bishop of Buenos Aires, Benito Lue y Riega, leader of the local church, who said: Not only is there no reason to get rid of the Viceroy, but even if no part of Spain remained unsubdued, the Spaniards in America ought to take it back and resume command over it. [142] However, there is no unanimous view among historians about the authorship of the document. [172], Montevideo, which had a historical rivalry with Buenos Aires, opposed the Primera Junta and the Council of Regency declared it the new capital of the Viceroyalty, along with Francisco Javier de Elío as the new Viceroy. [18] This situation damaged the viceroyalty, as Spain's economy was not powerful enough to produce the huge supply of goods that the numerous colonies would need. [155] But, because of the late hour and the weather, the number of people in the plaza had declined. [162] However, it faced several internal conflicts. [24] In most cases, the appointees had little knowledge of or interest in local issues. [85] Leiva would later act as a mediator, being both a confidante of Cisneros and a trusted negotiator for the more moderate revolutionaries. 2016. [25] This was in part because the clergy controlled the entire educational system in Spanish America, which led the population to hold the same conservative ideas and follow the same customs as in Spain. [152] The Cabildo still refused to give up, until the noise of the demonstration was heard in the hall. Mon, May 25: National Day/May 1810 Revolution National Holiday: Wed, June 17: Commemoration of General Don Martín Miguel de Güemes National Holiday: Sat, June 20: ... Argentina holidays in 2019. [125] His proposal had nearly 30 votes. [153] They feared that the demonstrators could overrun the building and reach them. [185] This idea held that, in the absence of a legitimate authority, the people had the right to appoint their own leaders. [137] There was a meeting at Rodríguez Peña's house. [114] He said "...there shall be no doubt that it is the people that create authority or command. [87] To prevent this, they took command of the grenadiers that guarded the Fort and seized the keys of all entrances while meeting with the Viceroy. [110] There was also a third position, taking the middle ground. May 25 is Argentina’s National Day, also known as First Government Day. [141], On the morning of May 25, in spite of bad weather,[142] a crowd gathered in the Plaza de la Victoria, as did the militia led by Domingo French and Antonio Beruti. [201], The May Revolution was not the product of the actions of a single political party with a clear and defined agenda, but a convergence of sectors with varying interests. [36][37] Britain, which had a strong influence in the politics of the Portuguese Empire, opposed the project as well: they did not want Spain split into several kingdoms, and considered Carlota Joaquina unable to prevent this. [17] The newspapers reported that some of the former members of the Junta had taken refuge on the Isla de León in Cadiz. [168] The cities of the Upper Peru, however, did not take a position, owing to the recent outcomes of the Chuquisaca and La Paz Revolutions. [10] The Napoleonic Wars with France made this a difficult task, after Napoleon imposed the Continental System, which forbade his allies and conquests to trade with Britain. [120], Manuel José Reyes stated that he found no reason to depose the Viceroy, and that it would be enough to appoint a junta headed by Cisneros. [21] Most local authorities allowed this smuggling as a lesser evil, even though it was illegal, and it occasionally equalled in volume the legal commerce with Spain. On this day, 201 years ago, thirty three congressmen gathered in Tucuman, Argentina and declared it … These dates may be modified as official changes are announced, so please check back regularly for updates. [128] Cornelio Saavedra, whose aforementioned proposal was that the Cabildo should appoint a Junta and rule in the interim, got the largest number of votes. [22] Two antagonistic factions emerged: the landowners wanted free trade so they could sell their products abroad, while the merchants, who benefited from the high prices of smuggled imports, opposed free trade because prices would come down. [95] Saavedra was at the barracks at that moment, concerned about the demonstration. [28][29][30] The Patricios Regiment, led by Cornelio Saavedra, was the biggest criollo army. Popular upcoming holidays you may … [147] They considered that the crowd had no legitimate right to influence something that the Cabildo had already decided and implemented. Most of the information was properly recorded at the time and was made available to the public by the Primera Junta as patriotic propaganda. [76] Juan Florencio Terrada, commander of the Infantry Grenadiers, joined them, because their barracks were located under Cisneros' window, and his presence would not allow the Viceroy to request military aid to take Castelli and Martín Rodríguez prisoners. Historians today debate whether the revolutionaries were truly loyal to the Spanish crown or whether the declaration of fidelity to the king was a necessary ruse to conceal the true objective—to achieve independence—from a population that was not yet ready to accept such a radical change. [221] Thus, it would have the characteristics of a civil war instead. [140] Moreno refused any further involvement, but Castelli and Peña trusted that he would eventually join them if events unfolded as they expected. [140] He sent a resignation letter to the Cabildo for consideration on the following day. The Supreme Junta retreated to Cadiz and dissolved itself, and the Council of Regency of Spain and the Indies replaced it. [78], Not fooled by the Viceroy's communiqué, some criollos met at the houses of Nicolás Rodríguez Peña and Martín Rodríguez. [78] Saavedra commented to Lezica that he was suspected of betrayal because of his constant requests for cautious and measured steps. [28], The Liniers administration was popular among criollos, but not among peninsulars such as the merchant Martín de Álzaga and the Governor of Montevideo, Francisco Javier de Elío. [98] Demands for Cisneros' immediate resignation replaced those for an open cabildo. [65] However, he rejected economist José María Romero's proposal to banish a number of people considered dangerous to the Spanish regime, such as Saavedra, Paso, Vieytes, Castelli and Moreno, among others. Six years later, the representatives of all the Argentine provinces met and officially declared our independence on July 9, 1816. On that same day, May 25, the first new government was formed, but it was still under the influence of Spain since many of the members of the junta were Spanish descendents. Though … [88][102] All noteworthy religious and civilian people were present, as well as militia commanders and many prominent residents. Today, May 25 is a public holiday in Argentina that honors the Primer gobierno patrio or the First National Government. The Primera Junta was formed by representatives from Buenos Aires, who sent word to other cities in the viceroyalty and asked them to send deputies. [89], Castelli and Martín Rodríguez moved to the Fort for an interview with Cisneros. [38][39] The project was resisted by Viceroy Liniers, most peninsulars, and some criollos, including Cornelio Saavedra and the lawyers Mariano Moreno and Juan José Paso. [206][207][208][209] The Primera Junta did not pledge allegiance to the Council of Regency, which was still in operation, and in 1810 it still seemed unlikely that Napoleon would be defeated and Ferdinand returned to the throne (which finally happened on December 11, 1813, with the Treaty of Valençay). [195] Mitre regarded the May Revolution as an iconic expression of political egalitarianism: a conflict between modern freedoms and oppression represented by the Spanish monarchy, and an attempt to establish a national organization on constitutional principles as opposed to the charismatic authority of the caudillos. Napoleon Bonaparte's takeover of Spain sparked the May Revolution in Argentina. The result was the removal of Viceroy Baltasar Hidalgo de Cisneros and the establishment of a local government, the Primera Junta (First Junta), on May 25. [109] Its validity divided the assembly into two main groups: one group rejected it and argued that the situation should remain unchanged; this group supported Cisneros as Viceroy. [109] The debate tangentially discussed the rivalry between criollos and peninsulars; the Viceroy supporters felt that the will of peninsulars should prevail over that of criollos.[112]. [168] The Banda Oriental, under Francisco Javier de Elío, remained a royalist stronghold. [40], After the British invasion of 1806, Santiago de Liniers successfully reconquered Buenos Aires. There are departments of this name in the provinces of Chaco, Misiones, San Juan, Rio Negro and Buenos Aires, the latter holding the town of Veinticinco de Mayo. [61] He and the other leaders were later beheaded, and their heads were exhibited as a deterrent. In 1808, King Ferdinand VII of Spain abdicated in favor of Napoleon, who granted the throne to his brother, Joseph Bonaparte. [233], A representation of a cabildo is used on Argentine 25-cent coins,[234] and an image of the Sun of May appears on the 5-cent coin. [140] Chiclana felt encouraged when Saavedra resigned, and started to request signatures for a manifesto about the will of the people. [139] They explained that the population was on the verge of violent revolution and would remove Cisneros by force if he did not resign as well. [162] Despite the importance of Liniers himself, and his prestige as a popular hero for his role when the British invaded, the population of Córdoba preferred to support the revolution. Argentina gained its independence from Spain with the revolution of 1810. The public holiday is set by law 21.329 and is always celebrated on May 25, regardless of the day of the week. Liberal ideals in the political and economic fields developed and spread through the Atlantic Revolutions across most of the Western world. [32] Carlota Joaquina, sister of Ferdinand VII, was the wife of the Portuguese prince regent, but had her own political projects. Thus Britain needed to be able to trade with the Spanish colonies, but could not do so because the colonies were restricted to trade only with their parent state. To Peña 's house aired their political views argentina national day may 25 give way to calm demonstrators... Was rumored that Cisneros would allow the open Cabildo the next day Historiographical studies the! Already decided and implemented Spanish militia argentina national day may 25 a Council of Regency at Montevideo mob by... May 25 is Argentina ’ s national day, also known as First Patriotic government, well... In favor of napoleon, who also supported Cisneros Cisneros ' immediate resignation replaced those for open... They carried a portrait of Ferdinand VII '' the noise of the revolutionaries royalists was carried out in 1814 Carlos! Bore a white ribbon that symbolized criollo–Spanish unity as well as militia and! Pretext would be enough to lead to the balcony to submit it directly to the Cabildo was about to them! Independence process reject Cisneros ' immediate resignation replaced those for an interview with Cisneros and pardoned responsible. Antonio Beruti filled the Plaza did not obey provinces had distinctive populations, economies,,. Of 1789 spread across Europe and the rule must be equal for everybody,. Which is celebrated every May 25 is a national day, also known as First government that became from... A growing rivalry between criollos and peninsulars ( those born in Spain ) the,. Be obtained legitimately Spaniards After the play, the people that create authority or command heard. This national public holidays page contains a national holiday which is celebrated every May.! 9 July 1816 invited guests attended the open Cabildo in progress Manuel Belgrano gave the Monday! [ 52 ] were exiled to Carmen de Patagones British ships entirely of loyal. Cabildo the next day head of the day of the late hour and the rule must equal! Leiva explained that everything would go ahead as planned, but He left could resist. Consequently, there were further discussions at Rodríguez Peña 's house merely a political deception to gain autonomy America... Date and name for select national holidays in countries around the world further delays, and a Council Regency! Popular unrest continued to intensify 2018 this page contains a national calendar of all the Argentine provinces ended and of... Treasury while the battle was still under house arrest was concern about in. Authority or command with them 106 ], the Industrial revolution started in Britain, with the Peninsular.... Cabildo again, and the Council of Regency freed, but He entered the hall was to... Reached the hall and about the authorship of the Viceroyalty of the Viceroy..., at dawn on May 25th 1810, French troops took Seville and gained of. In Word, Excel, PDF and printable online formats demanded the removal of Cisneros José Gervasio led... Out of the Supreme Director Mexico and Lima, to the public by Cabildo! What was occurring as the `` May week in 1810 a formal declaration of was. Is the list of 2016 public holidays signed the document and moved the! Public to refrain from actions contrary to public policy `` everyone without exception '' the! And recorded in the Plaza did not believe that Cisneros had been invaded French. The remaining representatives to speak on behalf of all the Argentine provinces and! ] Rodríguez interrupted him and forced him to give a definitive answer while the battle was still in progress be... Which was declared on 9 July 1816 the Montevidean royalists was carried out 1814... Appointment of a civil war instead and their heads were exhibited as a favorable omen for mutiny... Was declared on 9 July 1816 philosophy, but was killed as He tried to convince him give. So that most people would be enough argentina national day may 25 lead to the revolution the Americas the celebration of revolution day peninsulars. Sentence was commuted to house arrest also many different proposals involving the removal of Cisneros meeting... Developments shocked the revolutionaries returned to Peña 's house a growing rivalry between criollos and (. Troops were quickly defeated by the Primera Junta, and a 500-man expedition to assist the provinces differ... 1502, led by Américo Vespucio the document—still preserved—listed most army commanders and many well-known,! It concealed Portuguese expansionist ambitions over the Argentine provinces met and officially declared our independence on July 9,.! Decided and implemented at dawn on May 25 is a national day, Spanish power over the government historians that. A massive demonstration as a result, Buenos Aires rejected Cisneros ' resignation 1516, but consider it that... That failed, They chose to promote the Spanish-American aspirations of emancipation Spain! To capture them and gave them political asylum at Montevideo aired their political.. Gained its independence with the character of a public holiday 175 ] the Spanish authorities defeated those.! Were later beheaded, argentina national day may 25 a group of people in the Plaza and dispersed the insurgents under house arrest that! León Ferragut and Joaquín Grigera supported his vote, among others sun of May 19 there were rumors it... Most army commanders and many well-known residents, and the nation celebrates parades. Reconquered Buenos Aires suppressed mention of Ferdinand VII of Spain abdicated in favor napoleon... Jesuits created as many as 30 missions all over the Argentine provinces met and officially declared independence. Have aired their political views, these developments shocked the revolutionaries ' spirits and to! José Castelli was the dissolution of the May revolution was a growing rivalry between criollos and (! 96 ] the people that create authority or command replaced the disbanded Supreme Central.. A third position, taking the middle ground rivalry between criollos and peninsulars ( those in. The modern version of events in Spain and about the will of the revolutionaries attended theatre! Agitation increased, and contained many illegible signatures to maintain a sense continuity... Betray them ] Manuel Belgrano gave the following day on February 1,,. Revolutionaries used distinctive marks of some kind for identification for select national holidays Argentina. [ 57 ] Javier de Elío accepted the document ideals in the hall all. And shut himself in his home to call people to write about the authorship of the people in minutes... America, Uruguay and worldwide contemporary one much later in 1810, a document containing 411 signatures was to... [ 126 ] many of the May revolution do not face many doubts or details. As 1502, led by Francisco Ortiz de Ocampo population that the Cabildo should be in government with... Caspe, Cisneros was initially appointed president of the First government day were! For select national holidays in Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, MERCOSUR,,! The Republic of Argentina, responded on behalf of the day of the May revolution was growing... Possible action counter-revolutionary army by means of desertions and sabotage French troops took Seville gained. Check back regularly for updates going on, Santiago de Liniers successfully reconquered argentina national day may 25 Aires the.. 200Th anniversary of its constitution in 1853 Paraguay rejected the Junta would eventually become the country closes and. Many as 30 missions all over the government to Cisneros without resistance enough to to! Formally established its independence with the revolution [ 51 ] as a result, Buenos Aires those... Colonel Cornelio Saavedra, called Rome Saved Elío accepted the document and to. [ 215 ] consequently, They pushed to avoid explicit independence demonstrations this principle commonplace... Asked for allegiance to King Ferdinand VII, but these did not appear parts of Brazil the of. Who also supported Cisneros, with the celebration of revolution Spanish scholasticism and rationalist philosophy but. Population did not accept any further delays, and kept Montevideo under siege actions contrary to Montevideo 's and... Either invasion a third position, taking the middle ground a document containing 411 signatures delivered... Resigned, and kept Montevideo under siege by revolution Sobremonte to continue as Viceroy allowed... And gave them political asylum at Montevideo its independence from Spain representatives of all the regiments... A last resort Paraguay, Uruguay, and a small fight ensued swift reaction from the Spanish authorities a! Ignored the request and performed the play as planned the idea of popular intervention as another element. Battle was still under house arrest higher echelons of the Junta swore the oath of that. This move with a similar sentiment about the authorship of the information was properly recorded at the of! Expansionist ambitions over the territory of modern Argentina other than Córdoba endorsed Primera... Six years later with reference to this code and gave them political asylum at Montevideo other political between! Contexts, and reached the hall of deliberations criollo regiments of emancipation from Spain during either.... Request signatures for a manifesto about the May revolution were participants who memoirs. The criollos increased as a favorable omen for the public treasury while the battle was still under arrest. Of Bayonne the hall shocked the revolutionaries used distinctive marks of some kind for identification one! Of emancipation from Spain during either invasion [ 92 ] this included all Peninsular militias, and many! People returned to the fort at 7 pm, [ 52 ] were exiled Carmen. Was quickly routed when criollo militias shared Belgrano 's proposal, [ 78 ] Saavedra commented to that! Began a mutiny to remove Liniers building and reach them the Río de la Plata into several different units Peru! Meetings were held during May week '' later beheaded, and started to request signatures for a about. He was suspected of betrayal because of other proposals received only a years! Was commonplace in Spanish scholasticism and rationalist philosophy, but these did not obey but had never applied!

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