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(1996) Definitional and Contextual Issues in Organizational and Group Memories, Information Technology and People Vol 9, no 1, pp. Enhancing Groupware for Knowledge Management. Issues and Trends of Information Technology Management in Contemporary Organisations, 19-22 May 2002, Seattle, Washington, USA. Benassi, M., Bouquet, P., and Cuel, R. (2002), ' Success and Failure Criteria for Knowledge Management Systems ', Vol. Organizational Learning: How Companies and Institutions Manage and Apply Knowledge Palgrave Macmillian. Liebowitz (2009): A short book focused on knowledge retention. When they leave their knowledge (and networks) leave with them. Establishing rules that tell how and when the experts may be consulted will, on the one hand, give your employees access to superior expertise, and on the other, make sure that the experts can perform their main duties without constant interruption. 3, pp. Jackson, M.H. This is important - if you make participating in knowledge management a chore, don’t be surprised when your employees are less than enthused by the prospect. 2012), Leading Issues in Social Knowledge Management (pp. (Eds.) 8, No 1, pp. Academic Publishing International Limited. 2, no. Nonaka, I., and Takeuchi, H., (1996). Davenport, T., De Long, D., and Beer, M.C. Corney, P.J. 4, pp. (2011), 'Challenges of implementing systems for knowledge management: Static systems and dynamic practices', in McPhee, R. and Canary H. Hasanali, F. (2002), 'Critical success factors of knowledge management', [Online] available: http://polaris.umuc.edu/mts/TMAN/TMAN_636/articles/csfs.pdf (02 Feb. 2013). Sharing wisdom. Routledge. In J.P. Girard & J.L. Macon, GA: Sagology. 'Successful knowledge management projects', Sloan Management Review, 39 (2), pp. Knowledge Management ensures effective allocation of resources and staff, increases productivity without increasing the cost. 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Skills for Knowledge Management Leaders retrieved 12 October 2012 from http://alanbaren.blogspot.dk/2005/09/skills-for-knowledge-management.html. There are no "KM Systems. Andreeva T. & Ikhilchik I. Inside knowledge, 1 Jun 2001 in Volume 4 Issue 9, Collaborative Software. Lee, H., and Choi, B. (2009), 'Success and Failure Factors for KM: The Utilization of Knowledge in the Swedish Armed Forces', Journal of Universal Computer Science, vol. All rights reserved. 6-17. 1735-1743, Polanyi, M. (1966). (2009) 'Conceptualizing ‘knowledge management’ in the context of library and information science using the core/periphery model', South African Journal of Information Management, [electronic], vol. The Role of Metadata in the Datawarehousing Environment, Masters thesis, Luleå University of Technology, Maier, R. (2002). 8, No. 334-338. Knowledge management (KM) is the process of creating, sharing, using and managing the knowledge and information of an organization. It usually takes the form of an intranet portal or a wiki-based mini-site containing answers to the most frequently asked questions in the organization, descriptions of technical procedures, detailed use cases and post-mortems of issues encountered in the past. 4 Iss: 4, pp.303 – 310. (2011). © 2010 - 2018. Gebert, H., Geib, M., Kolbe, L., & Riempp, G. (2002). 4, pp.397-410. From the technology standpoint, there are a number of possible options for building a knowledge base, including in-house solutions, wiki software, and LMS/LCMS (stands for Learning Management System and Learning Content Management System, respectively), with the latter being the preferable option. Corporate Executive Board (2005), Attraction and Retention Bonuses and Rewards, Corporate Leadership Council. Disterer, G. (2001) 'Individual and Social Barriers to Knowledge Transfer', Conference Proceedings 34th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Los Alamitos, CA:IEEE Press. International Journal of Technology Management, vol 11, no 7/8, 1996, Ölçer, F. (2007) 'Practices of Knowledge Management in Companies: A Turkey Survey', Proceedings of I-KNOW ’07, Graz, Austria, September 5-7, Onyancha, O.B. 35, No. 261-276). Callahan, S. (2018). Knowledge management (KM) technologies and applications are fundamental to the success of KM programs. The Core Competence of the Corporation. The global automaker has been a long time practitioner of knowledge management … You also need to record who came up with what, so that when the company decides to act upon a particular suggestion, its author can be consulted and rewarded. Hatch, J., (2010). Organizational Learning. Sci. Purpose-built databases 5. ", in David Gurteen (ed. Also, it is recommended for those seeking advice to clearly formulate their questions beforehand to save time. Academic Publishing International Limited. 1 - 8. In fact, there is only one economy i. e. Global Economy. 1-15, available: http://www.sajim.co.za/index.php/SAJIM/article/view/412/402, Peters, T. J. The Leader's New Work: Building Learning Organizations. … IEEE - Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, pp.1-4, 2011. Automated document and classification solutions 7. 27, No. It is stimulated by dissemination and enabled by making it easy to find resources. J. Step Two Designs. It would also be a big plus if the chosen solution features the ability to rate or upvote particularly useful topics or insightful contributions. (2008): The book is in two parts. Secure file sharing 9. (2011), 'Knowledge Management Acceptance: Success Factors amongst Small and Medium-Size Enterprises', American Journal of Economics and Business Administration, vol. Organizational Structure Features Supporting Knowledge Management Processes. Preferably, every employee should have the ability to edit the knowledge base and add new material to it. Bukowitz, W., & Williams, R. (1999), The Knowledge Management Fieldbook, Financal Times/Prentice Hall. 15, no. 1211-1223. Useit.com, retrieved February 2011 from http://www.useit.com/alertbox/intranet_design.html, 2011, Ning K.S. 469–482. (1999). Ideally, every employee should have access to the knowledge management tools and be encouraged to contribute. In: Realising Network Enabled Capability (RNEC'08), 13-14 Oct 2008, Leeds, UK, Johnson, G.. (2001), Mapping and Re-Mapping Organisatinal Culture: A Local Government Example, retrieved February 2011 from http://www.strategyexplorers.com/whitepapers/Culture-Web.pdf, Longman online dictionary, http://www.ldoceonline.com/, Madupu, R., R., & Parankusham, K. K. (2006). Company policy and procedures govern the way employees interact with each other and the organization itself, so if you are looking to adopt knowledge management both effectively and efficiently, here are some things you should know: Unlike websites and wikis, LMS/LCMS feature the functionality necessary for knowledge management, from uploading material and training courses to collecting usage statistics, right out of the box. 13, no. 1-9. Expertise is valuable, and you should strive to preserve every ounce of it once somebody gives you their notice. 5, St. Gallen, Scenario Planning, Value Based Management.net, retrieved on January 2011 from http://www.valuebasedmanagement.net/methods_scenario_planning.html, Sahu, T., (2007). The main goal of knowledge management is to improve an organization's efficiency and save knowledge within the company. Zoerman K.W., (2008), Cross-Functional Efficiency, Retrieved 6 June 2012 from http://www.zoerman.com/cfe.pdf. Updated our Affiliate and Privacy Policy (in the page footer), New article on Search Tools under KM Tools by Category, Updated and redesigned "Downloads & Store" section, Will be adding reviews of KM-related systems and tools in the very near future. (2007), Why Not Use Incentives To Encourage Knowledge Sharing?, Journal of Knowledge Management Practice, Vol. Kuching , Malaysia. (2018). Davenport T. and Volpel S. (2001), 'The rise of knowledge towards attention management', Journal of Knowledge Management, 5(3), pp. (2002). Knowledge Application at Group and Organizational Levels 166 Knowledge Reuse 169 Knowledge Repositories 172 Strategic Implications of Knowledge Application 172 Practical Implications of Knowledge Application … Bank of ideas collects and stores the ideas and best practices generated in your organization. By signing in with LinkedIn, you're agreeing to create an account at elearningindustry.com and accept our terms of use and privacy policy. (ed) (2003). Baren A. (2001), Knowledge Management: A State of the Art Guide, Kogan Page Ltd. Gamelgaard J. 1-8, Available: http://www.tlainc.com/jkmpv6.htm, Alavi, M., and Leidner, E.D. Evernote’s help centeralso has a list of top articles, as well as a clearly marked way to get more help from other resources if needed. vol 6. After Action Reviews, Wikipedia, retrieved on January 2011 from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/After_action_review. Knowledge Management Systems: Information and Communication Technologies for Knowledge Management, Springer Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, March J.G. Evernote made our top knowledge management list because of their simple organizational beauty. (2011), Applicability of the SECI Model of knowledge creation in Russian cultural context: Theoretical analysis, Knowledge and Process Management, vol. Yaghoubi, N.M. and Maleki, N. (2012) 'Critical Success Factors of Knowledge Management (A Case Study: Zahedan Electric Distribution Company)', J. Revize, retrieved February 2011 from http://www.revize.com/fileupload/Six_Common_Factors_to_Consider_to_select_a_Web_CMS_071125.pdf, Schein, E. H. (1992). Adopt knowledge management practices and make them mandatory in the day-to-day operations of your company. Nonaka I., Takeuchi H. (1995). Macon, GA: Sagology. (1996). Data capture and workflow solutions 4. 4. Working Group on Knowledge Management. 141-150, Skyrme, D. (2011a), 'A Knowledge-Enriching Culture', [Online], Available at http://www.skyrme.com/kmroadmap/culture.htm [03 Jan. 2013], Skyrme, D. (2011b), 'Definition', [Online], Available at: http://www.skyrme.com/kmbasics/definition.htm [03 Jan. 2013], Skyrme, D. (2011c), 'Organizing for Knowledge Management', [Online], Available at: http://www.skyrme.com/kmroadmap/roles.htm#skills [15 Jan. 2013], Sole & Wilson (2002) Storytelling in Organizations: The power and traps of using stories to share knowledge in organizations, Harvard University, Smith, L.D. KNOWLEDGE APPLICATION AT GROUP AND ORGANIZATIONAL LEVELS

Knowledge management systems (KMSs) are tools aimed at supporting knowledge management. The best collection of eLearning articles, eLearning concepts, eLearning software, and eLearning resources. ), Knowledge Management Strategies for Business Development (pp. Knowledge Re-use for Decision Support. Quickly browse through hundreds of Knowledge Management tools and systems and narrow down … (2007), Knowledge Retention, presentation retrieved from October 2012 from http://www.levidsmith.com/papers/ldsmith_knowledge_retention.pdf, Storey, C. and Kahn, K.B. Besides, the services of a hot shot consultant usually don’t come cheap (duh!). 2, no. Altaher, A.M. (2010) 'Knowledge Management Process Implementation 2011', International Journal of Digital Society (IJDS), Vol. Knowledge Management Systems: Information and Communication Technologies for Knowledge Management, Springer Verlag Berlin Heidelberg March J.G. Managing knowledge management tools: a systematic classification and comparison. A Collection of Readings, Katz R. (ed), Cambridge, MA:Ballinger p433- 441, Pettersson, U. It consists of a cycle of creating, sharing, structuring and auditing knowledge, in order to maximize the effectiveness of an organization’s collective knowledge. The type of analysis required will be defined by the type of work. Macon, GA: Sagology. 'Critical Success Factors for Knowledge Management in Organization: An Empirical Assessment', European Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, vol. KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT Knowledge … KMPI: Measuring knowledge management performance. The first presents a very concise and in-depth overview of knowledge management (KM), organizational learning, organizational memory, organizational culture, and so on. Jackson, S., E., DeNisi, A., Hitt, M., A. Optical cha… Stay on top of the latest eLearning news, resources and offers. Zanjani M.S., Rouzbehani, R., & Dabbagh, H. (2008) Proposing a Conceptual Model of Customer Knowledge Management: A Study of CKM Tools in British Dotcoms. Chan, J.O. Girard (eds. The definition of knowledge with examples. & Duguid, P., (1998), Organizing Knowledge, California Management Review vol. (2006), A Career in Knowledge Management?, iKMS, retrieved 12 October 2012 from http://knowledge.typepad.com/ikms_newsletter/2006/05/a_career_in_kno.html. 42 – 55). 54-75, Heathfield S. M., Top 15 Characteristics of a Successful Mentor, About.com: Human Resources. When you sign in with LinkedIn, you are granting elearningindustry.com access to your LinkedIn account, which is used to authenticate you without you having to enter a different user name and password. In this article, I would like to discuss about the processes and techniques associated with knowledge management, as well as the tools that are used in organizations where it is practiced. Technology of Foolishness, in March, J.G., Decisions in Organizations, Oxford: Blackwell, p253-265. Watch out for the following software trends in knowledge management industry to stay ahead of your competition: Increased integration of BI tools: Adding business intelligence (BI) to knowledge management offers meaningful insights and improves knowledge … In Porac, J.F., and Garud, R. Ascertain that all available IC assets are diligently leveraged wherever appropriate through use or exploitation. However, tools and techniques also have their place. Hershey, PA: Business Science Reference. 12024-12030. No outside consultant, however many years they may have spent in the industry, knows your company as intimately as the employees who’ve spent years working in it. & Duguid, P., (1991) Organizational Learning and Communities of Practice. In most cases, leaving a post on a forum or shooting a private message on a social network is quicker and more convenient than conversing via email. To ensure that knowledge in your company is properly created, stored, and used, it is paramount to implement the internal processes the right way. Newell, S., Scarbrough, H., Swan, J., Hislop, D. (2000). Strategies for Interweaving Groupware and Organizational Structure. 6, May, pp. Rumyantseva, M., Gurgul, G.., & Enkel, E.(2002): Perspectives for our partners: Knowledge Integration after Mergers & Acquisitions, in Georg von Krogh and Andrea Back (ed), KnowledgeSource, Vol. Retrieved February 2011 from http://www.steptwo.com.au/papers/kmc_homepage/index.html. First and foremost, their search bar is front and center and easily visible. 161-164, Karahoca, A., & Ponce, J. Hecht, M., Maier, R., Seeber, I., and Waldhart, G. (2011), "Fostering adoption, acceptance, and assimilation in knowledge management system design", in: Lindstaedt, S., Granitzer, M.: i-KNOW '11 - Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Knowledge Management and Knowledge Technologies. To understand what features an ideal knowledge management platform must possess, let us take a look at the tools commonly used for that purpose in companies around the world. (ed. (2000) 'Designing a knowledge management performance framework', Journal of Knowledge Management, Vol. Davenport, T.H., & Prusak, L. (2000), Working Knowledge: How Organizations Manage What They Know, Harvard Business School Press, Boston, MA. Retrieved on February 2011 from http://ezinearticles.com/?Organizational-Culture-Change:--Is-It-Really-Worth-the-Effort?&id=102525. and Kant, R. (2008), 'Knowledge management barriers: An interpretive structural modeling approach', International Journal of Management Science and Engineering Management, Vol. Girard (eds. A Multilayer Architecture for Knowledge Management Systems. Dalkir K. (2005), Knowledge Management in Theory and Practice, Elsevier Inc. Danesh, S.Y.S., Rad, N.S., Mobasher, S. N., and Danesh, M. M. S. (2012) 'The Investigation of Mutual Relations of Success Factors of Knowledge Management in Project-Centered Organizations', Journal of Basic and Applied Scientific Research, vol. It offers many interesting case studies, taking a more practical oriented approach than other texts. 287-304. Nonaka, I. Brown & Duguid's contribution to communities of practice) since I was trying to point the reader in the direction of more general KM texts. Relying heavily on e-mail and structured reporting systems, employees tended to send information up the chain of command, in hopes that the people on top would take action and disseminate the results back down and across to leaders in other departments. 265-271. 3, pp. It lists the experts within the organization, shows their respective areas of expertise, and provides the means of contacting them. Ballart, X. and Zapico, E. (2005) 'Evaluation Knowledge for Strategic Budgeting', in Ray Rist, R. and Stame, N. (eds). Timbrell, T. G., & Jewels T. J. Organizational Culture and Leadership. Goodluck, I. (1999) Re-creating the corporation: a design of organizations for the 21st century, Oxford University Press. One of the most important knowledge management applications, therefore, is a strong, semantic search engine that can reach all of your enterprise content, and r etrieve the precise items … Retrieved February 2011 from http://en.kioskea.net/contents/entreprise/intranet.php3. First Principles Knowledge can be deduced from first principles that are known or assumed to be valid. 12, Printed in U.S.A. DIKW. Step Two Designs. Garfield, S. (2018). Links between Organizational Memory and Cooperative Awareness, retrieved from http://www.comp.lancs.ac.uk/computing/research/cseg/projects/evaluation/OM_CA.html, Robertson, J. (2009). Toward a Unified View of Working, Organization Science vol.2, no.1. The Tacit Dimension. 74 – 87). Markus, L. (2001). Nielsen, J. Knowledge Management for Reuse, CIB Conference Paper, 2002. KMIS, 2011: 306-311. Ananda Kumar, “The role of information retrieval in knowledge management”, International Journal of Social Science & Interdisciplinary Research Vol.1 Issue 10, October 2012, ISSN 2277 3630. You will do well to create a template for adding new material to the knowledge base. To ensure that knowledge in your company is properly created, stored, and used, it is paramount to implement the internal processes the right way. Intranets and Knowledge Management: De-centred Technologies and the Limits of Technological Discourse. Until last year, one of the knowledge management problems facing insurer Northwestern Mutual was the way the company’s formal hierarchical structure and communication channels often inhibited information flow across departmental boundaries. & Duguid, P., (1991) Organizational Learning and Communities of Practice. Knowledge Management Enablers, Processes, and Organizational Performance: An Integration and Empirical Examination, http://cis.kaist.ac.kr/Research/file/128.pdf, Chong, S.C., Choi, Y.S. Bebensee, T., Helms, R., and Spruit, M. (2010), "Exploring Web 2.0 Applications as a means of Bolstering up Knowledge Management", in David Gurteen (ed. 1, pp.86-94. Tanler, R. (1997). Please Try Later. 2, no. 40, no.3. A self-regulating community is a treasure trove of useful ideas and innovative solutions. 2012), Leading Issues in Social Knowledge Management (pp. Cognitive Behaviour, retrieved February 2011 from www.cognitivebehavior.com/management/concepts/changing_org_culture.html. To that end, it is vital to preserve the information about the incident, as well as the steps taken to rectify it. Learn more about how we use LinkedIn. First, for those of you interested in reading more on this, I particularly recommend: Botha et al. Yang Xu, Alain Bernard, Nicolas Perry, Lian Lian. Knowledge Management: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications is the defining reference source for all theories, concepts, and methodologies within the knowledge management … Retrieved on February 20100 from http://humanresources.about.com/od/coachingmentori2/qt/formal_mentor.htm. Managing knowledge for sustained competitive advantage: designing strategies for effective human resource management, John Wiley and Sons, Janson, M., Brown, A. These are professional communities where members are united by a common sphere of activity, a shared project, or a common goal. A Knowledge Management framework is a complete system of People, Process, Technology and Governance, which ensures that Knowledge management is applied systematically and effectively to improve business results. You will be wise to make it a rule in your organization that as soon as an issue has been dealt with, the following data must be entered into your knowledge base: Employee turnover is a fact of life, and even key personnel may leave for greener pastures. Ackerman, M.S. Res., vol. It stands to reason that before you can ask for advice, you must first find someone who can give a competent answer, and this is where a knowledge map comes in handy.

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