Taking this certificate and diploma will help you to: increase your knowledge and understanding of successful leadership develop your leadership skills enhance your performance as an educational leader. “Educational leadership is a profession of most intelligent one; it is not a profession where leaders make fans or followers, it is a profession where leaders make leaders.” ― Ashim Sarmah 0 likes “Education should not be a competition resulting in winners and losers. Education Development Trust, established over 40 years ago as the Centre for British Teaching and later known as CfBT Education Trust, is a large educational organisation providing education services for public benefit in the UK and internationally. (2016). Effective school leadership is increasingly viewed as the key to far-reaching education transformation. Leaders are people who do right things. MA Educational Leadership is ideal if you're an educational professional currently working in, or aspiring to work in, a leadership position. While much of this research has been generated in the primary and secondary school space, increasing numbers of researchers and policy-makers are examining this role in the early childhood and outside school hours care contexts. The course is taught by leading academics in the fields of leadership, management, and school improvement. educational leadership, including: policy, leadership, human resource management, external relations and marketing, learning and teaching, and accountability and quality. critical policy analysis and educational leadership; Mode of teaching: Online with tutor guidance and support. View course. Gunter, H. (2004) 'Labels and labeling in the field of educational leadership', Discourse - Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education, 25(1): 21-41. Public schools United States Encyclopedias. His research and writing about school leadership, edu cat i o nal pl ya d rganiz ton h s wk s b educators throughout the English-speaking world. The Role of Kentucky State-Supported Postsecondary Education in Creating a Healthier Citizenship, Julia K. Buchanan. INTRODUCTION The term leadership is a relatively recent addition to the English language. PDF. LEADERSHIP THEORIES AND MODELS 1. Several universities in the United States offer graduate degrees in educational leadership. PDF. of educational leadership since its beginnings uses concepts and deinitions developed in general man-agement theory to understand leadership in busi-ness organizations. A STUDY OF TEACHER AND PRINCIPAL PERCEPTIONS OF PROFESSIONAL LEARNING COMMUNITIES, Jeffrey C. Stamper. MA Educational Leadership and Management (Distance Learning) is ideal if you are involved in educating other people and would like to improve your professional expertise. Dr. Leithwood has published more than 70 refereed journal articles and authored or edited two-dozen books. There is great interest in educational leadership in the early part of the 21st century because of the widespread belief that the quality of leadership makes a significant difference to school and student outcomes. Educational leadership United States Encyclopedias. Such understandings were and still are transferred to education with little or no at all understanding of the speciicity of educational organizations and educational processes (Dorczak, 2012a). Course Overview . This was the third and largest in a series of events organized by the BELMAS Gender and Leadership Research Interest Group (RIG). We learn about various perspectives, concepts and issues, and relate our these to our experience and situations. Dr. Manoj Kumar Sharma et al 310 continual work and study. Senior educational experts may also contribute, including head teachers, inspectors, local authority officers and policy-makers. Educational leadership is a phrase used to describe the process of managing an educational institution. MA Educational Leadership / Overview. The key to an effective academic institution is to have a great educational leader in charge.

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